- 2020 Schedule -

Practice, Regular Season and Tournament: Full Schedule

Over the Hill Gang Shirt must be worn during games
Any player missing 5 or more games is subject to having their playing status reviewed for next year's season
Any player missing 8 or more games is subject to ineligibility for the current year's playoffs
Check "Rainout" for game cancellations or call Allen Park after 5:30pm - 516-755-1842

Please Read

"RULES for the Reilly Cup"
Read the link above for detailed 2020 rule modifications

Overview of 2020 Reilly Cup

  • No protests will be entertained. Umpires' on field decision(s) will be final

  • With 8 teams this year, Tournament will be "Double Elimination"

  • All games start at 7:00pm and 8:45pm

  • All games are 9 innings with no Ties

  • Highest seed in tournament is 1. Lowest seed in tournament is 12

  • High/Low Seed matchup for EVERY game in EVERY round/bracket.

  • Schedule provided after each round completes

  • All games on new Turf Fields. The 90 ft Turf field is the premier field and highest seeded game is given priority on that field

Visit "Standings/Scores" for all the weekly results and a BRACKET view of the tournament


2020 Regular Season Schedule

This year the league will not be setting up any formal practice times. Each team should organize their own practices at the location of their choice.  As always, the league asks your cooperation in sharing the fields with multiple teams as necessary if you show up at the same time.

OTHG 2020 for April was totally Cancelled
OTHG 2020 for May was totally Cancelled
OTHG 2020 for June is totally Cancelled
OTHG League Schedule for July 2020
7:00 PM 8:45 PM

Jul 10

90ft Turf Bethpage vs Bar-Boy Turning Pt vs Sal's
60ft Turf Little Lounge vs CT M&T vs BK

Jul 17

90ft Turf BK vs CT Bar-Boy vs Little Lounge
60ft Turf Bethpage vs Turning Pt M&T vs Sal's

Jul 24

90ft Turf M&T vs Turning Pt Bethpage vs CT
60ft Turf Bar-Boy vs Sal's BK vs Little Lounge

Jul 31

90ft Turf Bar-Boy vs BK Sal's vs CT
60ft Turf Bethpage vs M&T Turning Pt vs Little Lounge

OTHG League Schedule for August 2020
7:00 PM 8:45 PM

Aug 7

90ft Turf Little Lounge vs M&T Turning Pt vs BK
60ft Turf Sal's vs Bethpage CT vs Bar-Boy

Aug 14

90ft Turf Sal's vs Little Lounge Bar-Boy vs M&T
60ft Turf CT vs Turning Pt BK vs Bethpage

Aug 21

90ft Turf CT vs M&T Little Lounge vs Bethpage
60ft Turf Sal's vs BK Turning Pt vs Bar-Boy

Aug 28

90ft Turf Bethpage vs Bar-Boy Turning Pt vs Sal's
60ft Turf Little Lounge vs CT M&T vs BK

Reilly Cup Tournament

Note: We play on Thursday, Sep 17th due to Rosh Hashanah.
Note: We play on Tuesday, Sep 22nd due to Thu game the week before

Reilly Cup Team Seedings for 2020 Season

Sal's (1)

Little Lounge (2)

BK (3)

M&T (4)

CT (5)

Bar-Boy (6)

Bethpage (7)

Turning Pt (8)

(Green Ranking): "Winners' Bracket" Game   (Red Ranking): "Losers' Bracket" Game

Reilly Cup Schedule for Rounds 1-3, 2020
90ft Turf
60ft Turf

Sep 11
Round 1

7:00pm Turning Pt (8) vs Sal's (1)
Game 1
Bar-Boy (6) vs BK Sweeneys (3)
Game 3
8:45pm Bethpage (7) vs Little Lounge (2)
Game 2
CT (5) vs M&T (4)
Game 4

Sep 17
Round 2

Thursday game due to Rosh Hashanah on Fri, Sep 18
7:00pm Bar-Boy (6) vs Sal's (1)
Game 5
Turning Pt (8) vs BK Sweeneys (3)
Game 7
8:45pm M&T (4) vs Little Lounge (2)
Game 6
Bethpage (7) vs CT (5)
Game 8

Sep 22
Round 3

This year, Rd 3 is Tue instead of Rd 2 since there is a Thu game the previous week
7:00pm Little Lounge (2) vs Sal's (1)
Game 9
Bar-Boy (6) vs CT (5)
Game 11
8:45pm Turning Pt (8) vs M&T (4)
Game 10

Reilly Cup Schedule for Rounds 4-5, 2020
Field: New 90' Turf

Fri, Sep 25
Round 4

7:00pm Turning Pt (8) vs CT (5) - WINNER plays next game
Game 12
8:45pm [Turning Pt (8) or CT (5)] vs Sal's (1)
Game 13

Fri, Oct 2
Round 5 Finals

7:00pm CT (5) vs Little Lounge (2)
Game 14
8:30pm CT (5) vs Little Lounge (2)
Game 15 (only if necessary)
*Tournament NOTE: Generally keep TUESDAYS open for RAINOUT DATES
*Tournament NOTE: Weather may force MAKE UPS on ANY other day too

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