Over the Hill Gang COVID-19 Rules for 2021

Over the Hill Gang Schedule

  1. 2021 season begins April 16th under Town of Oyster Bay field permits
  2. OTHG resumes a 12 team schedule this year 
  3. The games will be at 7:00pm-8:30pm and 8:45pm-10:15pm. This will allow the teams leaving the dugout time to clean up and assist with social distancing
  4. OTHG will play 6 games weekly utilizing both Turf fields and the 60ft Dirt field

Over the Hill Gang Covid-19 Rules

  1. The below rules remain in effect
  2. As required by Town of Oyster Bay field permits in 2020, we must abide by Best Practices developed by Little League Baseball. To comply with this Town requirement the Board has adopted these base best practices (BP) and additional items below. The board has also developed a structure to monitor ongoing compliance and player safety
  3. Each player, manager or any other individual participating in play is to read the attached document and comply with the requirements. Each team is to immediately designate a COVID-19 Team Coordinator (and an alternate for full coverage) who will be responsible for team compliance with the BP and additional rules set forth below. The Team Coordinator is to report to the Boards COVID-19 Coordinators (Jerry Mazza and Rich McClorey) for guidance and issues arising throughout the season, recognizing there is no tested playbook for what we are experiencing. The Team Coordinator (or the designated alternate) is required to be present at the start and throughout the game
  4. Do not come to the field or participate if you have a fever, are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms or are subject to state quarantine requirements. If you experience any of the above, advise your Team Coordinator or the Board Coordinators at your earliest convenience
  5. Pay particular attention, but not exclusively, to wearing face coverings, hand washing, social distancing, no spitting, and limited access to the dugout guidance

Additional OTHG Rules

  1. Team individual testing positive for the COVID-19 virus is to advise the Team Coordinator or Board Coordinator as soon as the test results are known. Evidence of test results is to be provided to the Board as soon as possible after being available. Individual identification is to be treated in strict confidence

  2. Face coverings (bring your own and backup supply) are to be worn by: all in the dugout, batters, catchers, coaches, managers and umpires. It is suggested any and all other players/positions wear face coverings but, it is at their discretion. Remember, wearing the face covering is designed to protect your teammates and others you may come close to during the game

  3. Players are to bring their own hand sanitizers for pre/during/post game use

  4. Practice social distancing in the dugout and on the field (where practical)

  5. Come to the dugout wearing uniform and footwear for play. Changing in the dugout is not permitted. Only bring game equipment (i.e. bats, balls, glove, batting gloves, extra face coverings) and drink containers clearly labeled with the players name into the dugout. Equipment bags are not permitted in the dugout

  6. Only team members are permitted in the dugout

  7. Avoid any personal contact, celebrations and greetings

  8. Face to face arguments are not permitted

  9. Umpires will rotate game balls as usual and wipe with sanitizers each inning

  10. Over the fence homeruns are NOT to be run out

  11. Teams are to leave the dugout as soon as possible at the conclusion of the game so as to minimize congestion with incoming teams. Teams are to leave the dugout, carrying out all equipment/trash/ bottles and wipe down frequently touched surfaces with sanitizers supplied by each team

Other Notes

  1. Gatherings in the park pre/post games for refreshments is discouraged for safety precautions
  2. Although our league is community/family based, in these uncertain times and in an effort to minimize risk of spreading COVID-19 virus, we encourage appropriate social distancing among family and friends coming down to the fields
  3. Please understand, the Boards primary interest is the safety of the players.  All are new to the health challenges confronting our community. The Board will monitor and advise: if and when we can make changes to these rules as permitted per Town and other governing bodies' standards