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OTHG Hall of Fame Election

The OTHG league uses the same general rules as the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) for general election... At least the rules that apply to players with one exception...you do not need to be retired 5 years.  In addition, we do NOT use the administrative rules such as:

  • Electors need to be an active or honorary member of the BBWAA

  • Results must be certified by BBWAA and Major League Baseball

As a matter of fact, the key reason for induction into the OTHG Hall of Fame is the following voting rule with a slight modification in italics:

Voting shall be based upon the player's record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played or a person's contribution to the OTHG league.

This modification allows the OTHG to honor all types of people and contributions to our league.


OTHG Hall of Fame Members
Name Year Contribution
Jerry Nardone 2017 Outstanding all-around player and dedicated manager for 30 years.  With a sweet swing, stellar defense and unmatched passion, led Moby Drugs to many winning seasons and championships.
Bob Davis 2017
Longtime player and manager. A powerful hitter who batted cleanup for two decades on teams that won 10 league championships.  Member of the only OTHG team to date to go undefeated during the regular season and tournament.
Bob Cruickshank 2016

Bob played in the league for 28 years and was on a number of championship teams. He managed or co-managed for more than half of those years, but it was on the field where he made his greatest contributions to the success of his team. He was a powerful run producer and one of the few individuals who could hit the ball over the right field fence. He was a dominant defensive player, with a very strong arm, and someone who seemed to glide around the bases, when he ran. He was what baseball calls a rare 5 tool player. In addition to being an accomplished player he was well respected by his teammates, extremely likeable and the consummate gentleman both on and off the field.

Ron Fox 2015

Ron made a strong contribution not only to his team, but to the OTHG league as well.  He played for 30 years and was a classic leadoff hitter.  He didn't hit for power but had a high on base percentage. He rarely missed a game, was very competitive and was extremely well liked by teammates and opponents alike.  He chaired the league's early charity events and all found him to be an individual of high integrity and character.

John Falbo 2015

John played for 28 years  and was a well rounded ball player who played left field. He caught nearly everything hit his way and delivered more than his fair share of key hits.  He was a great teammate and for years contributed to some of the league's less heralded responsibilities.  He purchased the equipment and uniforms for the league. In addition, you could always find him down at Allen Park, especially in inclement weather, raking the fields and driving the tractor.  Undoubtedly without his efforts, there would have been more than a few disappointing Friday night cancelations due to unplayable fields.

Bruce Kubart 2014 For more than 27 years, Bruce set the table as the lead off hitter for Wolfies, Granny O'Sheas and Paradox Cafe. He was an exceptional player and board member for more than a quarter century. His passion played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the league while competing on the field with grit, speed and passion. Bruce was a true "Gamer".
Bob Darienzo 2012 Darien Press: Player, 25 year sponsor, manager, chairperson and original member of the board of directors. Bob was the only OTHG member to have ever held these 5 positions. An extremely competitive pitcher who both managed/co-managed with Sal Geoli to a number of league championships. Bob's greatest contributions came as a board member. His input to league functions was invaluable and his willingness to assist others/chair committees was crucial to the league's success and early formative years. Bob helped organize the first charity games, was responsible for documenting league rules and would use his own resources to print the league rules and schedules.
Tom "T" Ball 2011 The heart and soul of Darien Press and its successor for over twenty years.  A fantastic all around player who excelled with pride and passion.  He led his team to many championships piling up hits and driving in runs.
Hal Edelman 2011 A feared left handed slugger who played with great enthusiasm. An awesome power hitter and an exciting performer with monumental home run and RBI success.
De Felice Family 2010 Bar-Boy "De Felice" family has sponsored OTHG for over 30 years!
John Venditto 2010 OTHG league friend and advocate over the past 25 years. Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor.
Ed Butler 2009 Bar-Boy: known as "The Chief". Player, manager and committee member.
Ed Bernauer 2009 Hampton Air: outsanding player, manager and committee member.
Jim Reilly 2007 Changing Times: OTHG League Founder, President and player.
Al Palleschi 2007 Changing Times: known as "Big Al". Player, committee member and longstanding Treasurer of the OTHG.
Larry Lembo 2006 Lanzaro Baking Company: outstanding player on many championship teams.
Maria Ball 2005 OTHG: league advocate and known as Miss "Charity" of the OTHG for all her hard work and efforts with our fundraising.
Ed Shillitto 2005 Granny O'Shea's: known as "Fast Eddie". Player, manager, committee and board member.
Rick Kopitsch 2002 Bar-Boy: outstanding player, manager, committee and board member.
Dom Bello 2001 Lanzaro Baking Company: extraordinary player, manager, committee and board member.
Larry Hamel 2000 Charter Member who played and became the league's Umpire and Chief in the early years of OTHG.
Sal Gioeli 2000 Darien: early pioneer, manager and league advocate. Known as the Godfather of the OTHG.
Ray Colucci 1999 Bar-Boy: player and league mayor on the field.
Bob Wolff 1995 OTHG league advocate and  1995 Baseball Hall of Fame: Ford C. Frick Winner.  Famous for broadcasting Don Larsen's perfect World Series game.


Jim Reilly & Bruce Kubart

Down at the fields, May 2014

Hal Edelman and Tom "T" Ball

At the 2011 induction ceremony

The De Felice Family - Inducted 2010

Bar-Boy has been an OTHG team sponsor for over 30 years and the De Felice family was inducted for their support

John Venditto - Inducted 2010

For his many years of support of the OTHG league within the Town of Oyster Bay

Ed Butler and Ed Bernauer

At the 2009 induction ceremony

Ed Butler - Inducted 2009

Ed (left) is inducted by Jim Reilly (center) and Rick Kopitsch (right)

Ed Bernauer - Inducted 2009

Rick Kopitsch (current curator) presents to Ed Bernauer (2009)

Jim Reilly - Inducted 2007

OTHG Founder and President

Al Palleschi and Jim Reilly

Both inducted in 2007. Al Palleschi, Jim Reilly, Anthony Macagnone and Rick Kopitsch (lf to rt)

Maria Ball - Inducted 2005

Jim Reilly, Christina Restani, Ed Shillitto, Joanne Deturris, Pat Forte, Maureen Bitulco and Miss Charity - Maria Ball (lf to rt)

Ed Shillitto - Inducted 2005

Bob Kirk, Jim Reilly, Ed Shillitto and Tom Sebellico (lf to rt)

Dom Bello - Inducted 2001

Rick Kopitsch - Inducted 2002

Steve Labriolla, Dom Bello, Jim Reilly, Rick Kopitsch and John Venditto (lf to rt)

Sal Geoli - Inducted 2000

Sal Geoli and Jim Reilly at the 1986 Charity Fund Raiser

Ray Collucci - Inducted 1999

Steve Labriolla, Jim Reilly, Ray Collucci and John Venditto (lf to rt)

Bob Wolff - Inducted 1995

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