OTHG Meeting Minutes
2009 Season

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Sep 08, 2009 - Managers' Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Ed Cullen

Board Attendees:

Jim Reilly, Ed Cullen, Jerry Iavarone, Rich Brancaccio,  Bruce Kubart and Mitch Maghakian

  1. Jim Reilly calls meeting to order at 7:35pm
  2. Playoff schedule determined by Final Standings from end of August.  Managers agreed previously that season would end at that time
  3. After the conclusion of the tournament, we will try to play the remaining games of the season to decide divisional champions (if possible)
  4. Playoff dates are scheduled for: 9/11, 9/17, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9 and 10/16.
  5. OTHG has field permits until 10/23. This takes into account one full week for make ups during tournament play
  6. John DeFalco announced to the managers and sent his condolences that Joe Fanning's father, Joe Sr., recently passed away
  7. Mitch Maghakian gave an overview of the master playoff schedule and answered general questions. This included the following:
    • That we play on Thu, Sep 17th for Rosh Hashana
    • That the small field is scheduled out first from highest seeded team to lowest seeded teams in order
    •  Games in Rounds 1-4 are 1 hour 20 minute games.  This is just like the regular season. It does not matter if you are on a field that has no game after you.
    • Games in Rounds 5-7 are full 9 inning games.
    • These rules and further refinements are contained within the "Reilly Cup Rules for 2009".
  8. Put to vote and unanimous: For the first 4 rounds of the tournament there will be 3 games on the 60 foot field and 1 game on the 90 foot field each Friday. (other option was 2 games on the 60 foot field and 2 games on the 90 foot field).  NOTE: rainouts and make ups may alter from this vote due to field availability.
  9. Put to vote and unanimous: Seeding for Round 6 of the tournament will remain the same. (other option was to have seeding or coin toss to determine which two out of three teams played the first game of round 6)
  10. Put to vote and unanimous: In the finals, the winners' bracket team is the home team regardless of seed.  They are rewarded for sweeping the winners' bracket.  If a second game is necessary in the finals, the higher seeded team will be home team. (other option was to have higher seeded team as home team for any/all games in the finals)
  11. Put to vote and unanimous: Ed Bernauer requested additional time between games for Round 6.  Fifteen minutes will be added to the schedule. This only occurs if the first game of Round 6 does not go late. If game 1 finishes late, then game 2 will need to start as soon as possible
  12. Meeting concluded at 8:10pm.